Kerala, a Crowd Favorite for UK Tourists

Kerala is known as “God’s own country” for no mean reason. Its beauty and diversity are fit for the Gods! Tourists from UK will find this southernmost state in India even more interesting because of the common history shared with it. In olden days, as far as from 1400 AD, Chinese and Arabian traders used the port of Kochi to procure spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper. Sandal wood was another very prized commodity which was traded from this port in Kerala. All these were then transported to UK and other parts of Europe. The East India Company benefited a lot materially by trading the rich flora found in Kerala.

Saying that Kerala is diverse in terms of tourist destinations, would be an understatement. It has beautiful beaches, thick forests, verdant greenery, chilly hill stations and backwaters all in its bosom!

The most convenient airport in terms of connectivity for foreign tourists is the Kochi International Airport. Thiruvananthapuram, being the capital city is also well-connected. Kochi is well-connected from Mumbai, with frequent flights. Travellers from the UK can travel to Mumbai and then fly to Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram.


The Must-See Places In Kerala Are:

  1. Beaches

Alleppey, Kovalam and Kanyakumari are the three places which UK tourists should not miss! All three beaches have their own beauty. The Leela, Kovalam has its own private beach where snorkelling and deep sea diving can be enjoyed. Kanyakumari has the world renowned Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial. It is a grand and well-maintained structure. Alleppey backwaters have no parallel, especially because of the lovely Kerala houseboats that have a unique architectural beauty of their own! You can cruise along with the water lapping on the sides of your houseboats, as you pass through thick coconut groves.

Kerala beaches

  1. Hill Stations
    1. Munnar

Just a 4-hour drive from the humidity of Kochi is the blissful hill station of Munnar. It has massive tea estates. Within these estates are factories where tea is processed and packed. So a walk in the cool, tea gardens or the noisy processing units, both are not to be missed! Few of the tea plantations are using methods for plantation as well as manufacturing taught to them by the British. Even the machinery being used is manufactured in UK. Munnar has many attractions, like the Kodanadu elephant care centre. Here you can pet and play with the magnificent beast! Milky white waterfalls of Valara and Cheyyara are also close by. Don’t forget to carry back the aromatic spices from spice gardens. Plantation owners themselves give you a guided tour of the beautiful, thick plantations.


  1. Thekkady

Thekkady is another cool place ahead from Munnar. It houses the Periyar National Park. It is an important tourist attraction in the Kerala. Bisons, elephants and tigers can be sighted here. It was established in 1982. The Periyar Lake is picturesque and a lot of wildlife can be sighted around it.

thekkady kerala

  1. Kerala Spa

Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India is utilised in the best possible manner for Spa therapies in Kerala. Spas use amazing concoctions made from coconut oil, medicinal herbs and spices from the forests for giving a complete de-stress experience to the tourists. You can choose the luxurious Hotel spas or cosy local spas, but this rejuvenating experience is not to be missed.


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