Alleppey Backwaters

Excursion to Kerala during November

Kerala also known as ‘God’s own country’ is one of the famous tourist destinations in South India. This exotic land is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, tropical climate, pristine beaches, cloudy hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, health resorts, enchanting traditional dance, grand festivals and, the serenity of the backwaters which lends an unforgettable holidaying experience

Kerala beaches

How to Decide When To Visit South India

India is a tropical country. Her southern most states are the closest to the tropic region. The southern peninsula is cradled by the Arabian Ocean, The Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Even within South India, you will find variations in climatic conditions. Breaking Down Your Visit Weather-wise It is best to choose the

5 South Indian Cities That Will Move You to the Core

South India has a truly unmistakable culture, making it unique as compared to the rest of India. Each of the South Indian states has managed to preserve their own uniqueness in terms of tradition, architecture and spirituality. And even though there are so many amazing places to explore, there are a few ‘must-see’ South Indian

Sripuram Golden Temple

How to Enjoy South India like a Local

South India is a beautiful land rich in culture and arts. From these attributes flow things like beautiful architecture, mind-blowing flavour palettes and unique fabrics and dance forms. For people looking to explore a different side of the world and themselves, should visit South India. There is no better way to explore any place than